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Family Legal Services

Constables Deliver Stressful Family Court Motions, Orders, Removals.

Qualified and experienced Constables deliver Rhode Island Family Court motions, legal notifications, restraining orders, and removals related to divorce, child custody, and other proceedings.

Remain Emotionally Detached For Better Divorce Hearing Results.

In Rhode Island it's the plaintiff's responsibility to serve the defendant with the divorce summons and complaint. Alternate methods can be used to serve the divorce summons and complaint but it requires failed previous attempts and another motion to the court. Licensed Constables deliver the divorce summons and other papers related to Family Court proceedings.

Constables Serve Family Court Papers To Keep You Safe.

RI State Constable Service provides safety to families during stressful court hearings.

R.I. State Constables serve summons and complaints to spouses during Family Court divorce proceedings. Licensed Constables are authorized to execute body attachments for overdue child support, and serve full restraining orders, and removals if required by the court.

Constables serve Family Court papers so you can remain emotionally detached.

Family Court is a stressful and emotional event. RI State Constable Service locates serves the paperwork the court requires. Constables don’t allow emotions to interfere with their court ordered duty.

Plaintiffs in divorce proceedings benefit from licensed Constable's experience.

Plaintiffs in Family Court proceedings are usually there for the first time. It’s an emotional event for the family, and licensed Constables can help the process go smoothly by delivering most court papers within the first 48 hours.

RI State Constable Service is a team of Constables who have families too.

Qualified and tactful Constables provide a necessary service to plaintiffs who desire legal divorce in Rhode Island. Our experience in dealing with families in stressful times provides comfort to plaintiffs during the court hearings.

R.I. State Constables serve process that can keep your family safe during the court proceedings.

RI State Constable Service works for you.