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RI State Constable Service Provides Expert Eviction And Removal Service.

Licensed Constables serve eviction notice and perform single or multi-occupant removals so that landlords and property managers can put their income property back on the market. Constables are eviction professionals and provide quick results when time costs money.

Quickly Evict And Remove Unwanted Tenant To Regain Lost Income.

In Rhode Island landlords and property managers must follow strict eviction notice procedures and the courts require motions to remove delinquent tenant from income property. RI State Constable Service has a professional relationship with several eviction attorneys and provides expert eviction and removal service.

Constables Provide Relief To Landlords During Evictions.

RI State Constable Service delivers eviction notices and performs occupant removals.

Licensed Constables serve notice of evictions and perform singular and multi-occupant removals in all Rhode Island counties. We are experts at the eviction process and we work closely with attorneys, landlords, and property management companies for expedited results.

Landlords and property managers benefit from expert Constable evictions and removals.

Rhode Island attorneys, landlords, and property managers are provided the same expertise as out-of-state clients. RI State Constable Service can provide eviction service to high-volume and individual case clients. We can provide references who can attest to our expertise and fair service.

RI State Constable Service is experienced with landlord and property management evictions.

Private property landlords and property management companies require evictions and removals of delinquent tenants to recapture lost income from missed payments. It’s a time sensitive process, and Constables act quickly to evict and remove unwanted tenants.

Expert evictions and removals is RI State Constable Service's fastest growing service.

RI State Constable Service provides a full range of legal process services and because of our expertise and reputation in the legal community, we are quickly expanding our eviction service.

Thank you for inquiring about our eviction Service. We offer an array of services to Landlords, Mobile Home Park Owners, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and REO managers. We have been in business for over 10 years and handle eviction cases for the entire State of Rhode Island.

When you have an unwanted tenant/renter, Our constables can start with the preliminary RI eviction notices and take care of the entire eviction process all the way through the Full eviction.

Our legal Fast Eviction Service understands the importance of making our clients feel comfortable and satisfied during the eviction process. Therefore, a specialist can be contacted with any questions or concerns during our business hours.

RI State Constable Service has been in business since 2004 and completed over 3000 cases to-date. We handle a high volume of eviction cases on a daily basis and are constantly monitoring your cases to provide you with the fastest and efficient eviction service possible. The average uncontested eviction for non payment of rent results in possession of your property in less then 30 days from time of 5 day demand letter

If you have multiple managers or agents, we will be happy to come to your office and answer any questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call. We would be happy to be of service to you. 401-365-3438 Mike Clemente RI State Constable. Alternate phone is RI State Constable Deb Clemente 401-692-0127

We will pick up and serve the eviction notice 9 day, 7 day commercial or 20 day summons and complaint.

We will deliver back to you the completed service or mail to you.

We will pick up from you the execution for judgment of possession or you can e-mail and pay on line for quicker service.

We will arrange moving company and locksmith and monitor moving company as they move tenant and belongings out as soon as we have judgment in hand if it becomes necessary and alternative measures are unsuccessful.

We document by photo all articles left behind.

Landlord is responsible for all fees.

We will make sure animals left at eviction site are given to proper authorities and not left behind,,Extra charges apply for storage of animals for up to 30 days. The landlord is responsible for these extra charges if your towns animal control will not take them.

Kennels are usually around $15.00 per day for dogs and a little less for cats.

Keep this in mind when you are renting because you are ultimately responsible for the cost.

Extra charge will apply for farm animals.

We complete the whole job.

We take complete photos of all the belongings and the inside of your property.

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Evict and remove delinquent tenants to regain lost income.

RI State Constable Service works for you.