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Executions and Citations

Serve Judgment Debtors To Recover Damages You're Owed

Court ordered judgments are enforced for life and renewable every year, If the Judgment Debtor doesn't pay the judgment, Rhode Island courts require a Citation for Supplementary Hearings to make the Judgment Debtor appear before the court again. Other remedies are available.

Quit The Debtor Chase And Bank The Judgment Payment.

Summons, wage and bank garnishments, writs of executions, citations and subpoenas are routinely served by a constable or sheriff. Some writs of execution can be served personally on the defendant and not left with anyone else.

Executions Make Payment Demands And Citations Set Court Hearing Dates.

RI State Constable Service provides STATEWIDE executions and citations.

For more than 10 years RI State Constable Service has worked with attorneys and plaintiffs to ensure that court ordered judgments get completed.

Trained and experienced Constables who care about the plaintiff's legal rights.

Rhode Island has a relatively small number of attorneys who focus on debt collection. RI State Constable Service knows the legal community and can guide their clients to get results.

Attorneys and plaintiffs with diverse collection case types use our service.

RI State Constable Service provides process service to big and small clients. RI State Constable Service has experience in commercial, private, retail, and medical collections.

RI State Constable Service provides quality and plaintiff friendly process service.

RI State Constable Service’s experienced constable team, and high tech digital data system provides our clients with reasonable pricing and friendliest service in Rhode Island.

Experienced and tactful post judgment process service.

RI State Constable Service works for you.