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Restraining Orders

Constables Serve Court Issued Restraining Orders To Defendants.

Restraining order is a court order issued by the judge in District or Family Court. Constables deliver the restraining order to the defendant. After Constables explain the retraining order to the defendant, the defendant is instructed to carefully read the order or face criminal or legal consequences.

Hire Constables Trained To Restrain And Protect.

In Rhode Island restraining orders are issued in District and Family Court. Restraining orders and removals may be part of the divorce proceedings; however, there are emergency, temporary, and final orders based on the individual case. Constables deliver court issued restraining orders under all conditions.

Constables Serve Protective Orders Or Full Restraining Orders In All Counties.

RI State Constable Service provides peace-of-mind to plaintiffs in abusive situations.

Constables provide safety to plaintiffs in dangerous domestic situations. Court issued restraining orders are served on the defendant and constables instruct the defendant on the serious legal circumstances of ignored court orders.

Restraining or protective orders prevent unwanted contact from the defendant.

RI State Constable Service has experience with all types of retraining orders issued from Family and District court. Constables are trained for high risk situations and trained in civil arrest.

Families in difficult situations and individuals in distress benefit from Constable severed restraining orders.

Constable delivered restraining orders may order abusers to stop contact or vacate the family’s home. Orders may also award temporary child custody or pay child support.

RI State Constable Constables have been serving restraining orders for over 100 yrs.

Protective or full restraining orders require specific training with high risk situations and our experience helps in these dangerous.

Stop the harassment or abuse with court issued orders.

RI State Constable Service works for you.