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Reach-out And Subpoena Records And Testimony Your Case Needs.

Constables deliver court ordered subpoenas to witnesses to appear and or produce records or provide testimony for hearings or trials. Subpoena is a way to gather evidence for civil or criminal cases.

Constables Serve Subpoena To Drive The Legal Process.

Constables diligently serve the subpoena in a timely manner to keep the legal process moving. Constables deliver the subpoena to potential witnesses personally for appearance or records. Witnesses who do not show on a court issued subpoena can be issued a bench warrant.

Subpoena Commands Involved Parties To Produce Evidence And Records.

RI State Constable Service personally serves subpoena to drive legal process.

Involved parties receive subpoena, and clients receive detailed proof of service with RI State Constable Service’s digital data tracking system. RI State Constable Service provides digital tracking for all legal process services if wanted.

Digital data tracking system provides plaintiffs proof to answer questions.

Attorneys for defendants search for any advantage for their clients. Personally served subpoena supported by proof of service details digitally recorded in real-time removes all doubt. Receive digitally tracked proof of service for all your legal actions.

High-volume attorneys receive same personal service as our individual cases.

RI State Constable Service’s large team of qualified Constables provide personalized upfront service. Our digital data tracking system provides proof of service for high-volume and individual case clients.

RI State Constable Service is steadily growing to offer superior full service.

Qualified Constables experienced with the Rhode Island Civil Process with access to data tracking technology provide full service to our valued clients. Get the results your case requires, contact RI State Constable Service today.

Serve subpoena personally without questions or doubt.

RI State Constable Service works for you.